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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sweet Sophia - the old girl has life in her yet!

If you are out there - whoever you may be (some of you I know of course,) following along to my blog, I am happy to say that Sophia Takes the Cake is going to print.
My only issue left is that I need an illustrator, and I would like someone local who wants to work with me on my vision for the story. I'm hoping for someone just starting out, as I am and who is willing to take this on as a learning experience more than anything else.
At this point, while I know the story will be published I can't tell what, if any profit it will make. However since illustrations are just as important as the story, especially in regard to children's books I am willing to work out something that would be fair for us both. Right now I would just like to see the story published and to bring attention to my wish to write and to the illustrators capabilities as an artist for further projects.
Send me a message if you are serious and would like to learn more!!

The lovely young lady above is (or was) the real Sophia and this portrait would have been done in the 1840's. You may learn more about Sophia and her life by visiting Dundurn National Historic Site in Hamilton, Ontario - or you can Google her where you might be lead to a page about her father Sir Allan MacNab - or possible to her Great-great-grandmother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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