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Monday, 2 January 2012

Of Gods & Dogs


Born of hope
alive with war
love & death--
like fates before

Burn my heart
take my soul
quench my thirst
and give me more

Blood of life
I am the spark--
Flame ignited
close the door

Behold my love
my greatest gift--
It brightens darkness
It heaves and pours

Nothing to something
Don't leave me waiting



- The Divine -

Behind your mask
there's a face I know
A place, a time
so let us go.

Don't delay
the time is near
Remember once
you needed me here

I held your heart
as you held mine
Together we created
the divine

Force of nature
earth and flood
Let us reign together--
It's in our blood.


Fickle fiends
They scorn the earth--
Its only hope is
of our birth

If I must
I will alone
And for you my love
I will atone

Peace of nature
soft and kind
Will only come
through war of mind

Sublime this course
of which we row
For it will come with force
from what we sow

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