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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pay it forward - the whole year through!

I watched the news this morning (as I normally do every morning) and I was sad to see a segment on "Pay it Forward Day." A day when people in a variety of communities do nice things for other people and then hand them a card and tell them to pay it forward. They suggest doing things like opening a door, letting someone go first or ahead of you in line... businesses like dental offices give aid to those in need and without dental coverage... This makes me sad - should this not be things that we do the whole year through!!
It reminds me of why I put up my Christmas decorations so early every year...

Reconsider Christmas

Maybe you think I'm crazy...
Maybe you think I'm nuts.
Why is my tree up so Early?
Christmas already comes too soon – why all the fuss!?

If at all you think this, perhaps I can change your mind.
Perhaps I can inspire you to leave your worrying thoughts behind.

So, if you think I'm silly
Or if you think Christmas is much too much;
Too much headache,
Too much stress.
Much, much, too much,
Stuff, stuff, stuff.

I'll have you reconsider that there's more, much more to Christmas
And it should run the whole year through.
It's heartfelt joy and cheerfulness
It's peace and understanding too.
It's hope, it's faith, it's friendship
It's love everlasting and true.

Christmas is more than gifts.
It's more, much more than getting.
It's the warmth and the light,
that throughout the year we're forgetting.

Let the joy of Christmas be with you,
Let it fill your heart.
And when you feel that smile cross your lips,
Know that now is as good a time as any to let Christmas start.


*Pay it forward - THE WHOLE YEAR THROUGH!!!*

Sophia Sneak Peak

Ta da!!...
Cook in the kitchen with Bridget the maid... a place Sophia is not supposed to go!

Eek! Sophia & Minnie hiding in the cupboard with some furry little friends.

Papa's study... shh, we mustn't disturb him while he is working.

Sophia is coming folks :) Soon you will be able to purchase your copy of Sophia Takes the Cake in either ebook or hard copy!!

Sophia is coming to life thanks to to Michael Marcotte and his wonderful imagination and his skills as an artist... if you haven't already, be sure to visit him at

 Stayed tuned for more...