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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sophia is coming to life in Tobermory, ON

A little update on sweet Sophia... she is starting to take shape - and Minnie too!! Can't wait to see what Michael Marcotte has created - whatever it is I'm sure it will be fantastic :)

In the meantime if you are making your way up to Tobermory stop into the Parks Canada Visitor Information Centre and check out a couple of Mike's sculptures that are there on display...

Visitor Centre at Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park

then head to his gallery -  Apollo Art Gallery - located just outside of town...

after that have him take you diving out of Diver's Den...

Our Dive Shop

and to wash it all down with a pint at the Crow's Nest!!

and as for Sophia... I look forward to meeting you.

Stay tuned!

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Wish for Danu

To: Maya, Zachary and Jack - May all your wishes come true! Love Fae.

Sometimes one simple wish can be all that is needed to put into action a change that will be good for everyone. One person, or one fairy, can make a difference and on this night, one little fairy was hoping to do just that.

Fluttering through the sky at twilight made it look as though Fae were dancing among the stars. Fae is a fairy from Danu, which is a beautiful natural place that exists right here on earth. Sadly it is a place that seems to grow smaller and smaller everyday.

While fluttering through the sky, swishing past the leaves of trees and sweeping soft clouds from her cheeks, Fae tried hard to concentrate on the stars in the sky. She was trying to find the perfect one to wish on.

Found @:

A wishing star is sometimes hard to find, especially in these times when there is so much pollution from cars and factories. Fae had to strain her eyes in search of one that twinkled, or better yet, one that went shooting across the sky. Shooting stars were considered the best to wish on because it seemed that every time you wished on one of those, your wish was certain to come true.

Finally as the sky was becoming darker and darker Fae saw her perfect shooting star. She rested down on a nearby rose and stared at it for a moment. She closed her eyes and said;

“Oh little shooting star
On this night I wish to you;
Please send a dream near and far,
To every child and grown-ups too!

Let them dream of Danu.
So full of beauty and of life,
A place where love is renewed;
Where there is no worry of ruin or strife

And when they wake
Let them remember to be true.
Let them save this land for their sake,
And for mine too.

This little shooting star,
Is my wish – my wish to you.”

Fae opened her eyes and to her surprise the star was still shooting through the sky.  Surely, she thought, it should have gone from sight by now?! But it hadn’t and instead it seemed to stop moving altogether. The star began to shine brighter and brighter until it was so bright that Fae had to close her eyes. Even with her eyes closed she could still sense the brightness of the star growing ever more. Just when she thought she could take no more, she heard a popping noise and the bright light faded. Then something fell at her feet. When she opened her eyes she saw the most beautiful blue crystal and as she went to pick it up a hand appeared and took hold of hers. Fae stopped in surprise.


“Hello Fae” said a strange voice. “I’m Zack and I have a message to share with you.”
Fae sat back in her flower seat – Zack was a fairy that she had never seen before. He was tall for a fairy and he was dark, with a silvery blue colour to his skin, hair and eyes.

“My message” he said, “is one of hope. I heard your wish and I am your star. That crystal is a part of me and I give it to you so that you may wish upon it whenever you like. As long as your wishes are true and pure they will always come true.” Zack’s eyes sparkled like the night sky and Fae thought for a moment that he was kind of cute for a star.

“Thank you Zack, I will be sure to only use my best wishes for this wonderful gift you have given me!” As Fae said this she held out her hand and let the crystal shine. Using magic Zack made the crystal into a necklace and fastened it around her neck. Fae held it between her fingers and again said “Thank you.”

“I must be leaving now.” Said Zack, “but I will return to visit you Fae. Please know that you are not the only one who wishes to see Danu strong and healthy again.” He smiled and then in a flash he was gone, shooting across the sky once more.


The next morning when Fae woke-up she wondered if the night before had all been a dream. It was then that she remembered her new necklace and she smiled as she held it in her tiny hand.

Yawning and stretching, Fae peeked out the window of her humble fairy home high atop an evergreen tree. On this bright and sunny morning Fae noticed that she didn’t see quite so much smog as she normally did. She couldn’t hear the rumblings of the nearby city and when she looked down she saw people! She could see children, their parents and grandparents. They were enjoying the nature that was all around them.  Fae could hear these families talking about the future and how they would be more kind to nature – they would recycle, drive their cars less and the children even said that they would watch less TV and go play outside more.

Fae even heard a young girl named Maya as she wished with all her might, “Friend of Fae I am I may. Save Danu for me and you!”

Fae’s heart filled with joy as she and her other fairy friends gathered together at the top of their evergreen tree. They smiled as they felt stronger. They could see all the colours of the earth growing brighter all around them.

Fae held tight to her necklace because it was then that she knew that her wish had come true! She also knew that she had many more heartfelt and pure wishes to make so that Danu would be safe forever - for everyone!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

At last

It's not worth it
not one stitch
a wink or a blink
Sink in time
a rhyme of mine
through idle minds

Finds a life
Rushing past
So fast

Vast the abyss
of forever
Never say never

Clever is the design
the intricate web
Alone in my head

Dead as a life
unused and sad

Shake up
Break out

At last.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It’s a Glandular thing

"One of the most perplexing stories of this past decade has been the increase in thyroid disease. Back in 2000, experts were still claiming that an estimated 13 million Americans had thyroid conditions. Now, the most conservative estimates indicate that some 27 million Americans have thyroid disease, and some calculations suggest that as many as 60 million Americans -- 1 in 5 -- have a thyroid condition.
At the same time, we also have an increase in the rate of thyroid cancer -- particularly in women -- making it one of the only cancers that is actually on the rise in the U.S."

·         To see the full article, which includes some theories as to why there is such an increase in Thyroid conditions, disease and cancer visit:

When I first learned that I had a problem with my Thyroid I asked my doctor if there were any diets, foods or natural treatments I could go on or try in effort to help support its proper function. She said no. Flat out no.

Now some time has passed and I am now told that my whole Thyroid must be removed and I will be placed on “Synthroid” – a prescribed synthetic medication that I will have to take for the rest of my days. It will balance the hormones in my body – and will hopefully work better than my thyroid was before. Sounds great . . . right :S Still I worry – I really hate the idea of being on a synthetic medication for the rest of my life . . . If I have to, I have to. But surely, there must be a diet or natural remedy(s) out there that I can use to back-up the medication – maybe even cut down on the amount of medication I will need to take.

To be completely honest :S my biggest fear with the whole “thyroid” thing right now is not so much the surgery itself or the fact that I might have the dreaded “C” word – it’s how my life will change after all of that – namely: How fat could I get . . . and without even trying?

Vain – Yes. And I’m not afraid to admit it. I feel that I’m not afraid of having to go through the surgery or being diagnosed with thyroid cancer – I know I can survive all that. Mentally I know that I can deal with that. However – having to battle weight and the serious attack to my self-esteem that will cause (potentially) – the depression and anxiety that would go along with it . . .

I have battled weight and body issues my whole life – and depression and anxiety – like so many women (and men too) out there past and present.

I have come so far – and I don’t want to go back there again!
Some may read this and think how absolutely stupid it is for me to think this way. I should be lucky to have my life and I shouldn’t be so stupid to care about something as superficial as some weight gain. I agree – I am happy everyday to be here and to be living, and I will be grateful for everyday that comes to me in the future. But I have to say, that I want those days to be healthy and happy days where I am in the best shape both mentally and physically that I can be. I would also like those days to be filled with as little “synthetic” medication as possible.  Is that too much to ask?

I know that fat doesn’t automatically mean unhealthy and some people are quite happy in their skin, no matter their size. That’s fine and to each their own – that is not me and I don’t want that. I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to have to say that I am overweight because I have a thyroid condition. What I want to say is that I have a thyroid condition, disease or cancer and I am still able to keep my weight and health in control.  I want to say that yes, there is a healthy alternative, that when combined with modern medicine, can help make a healthy, happy me.

It is my belief that the world of modern medicine at this time is failing those that suffer with Thyroid disease – at least the doctors I am dealing with so far are failing me in not knowing what to say when I ask if there is a natural alternative or addition to my lifestyle that I can make to help myself. So I intend to change that and I will try to learn from others out there who have found remedies, created diets and created recipes using foods that work in the treatment and/or balance of their Thyroid disease.

What I learn I will practice and I will share it with you – tips, treatments, recipes, natural remedies, foods and supplements.

. . . now, that said - I better find that I can still have my red wine! . . .

"Alcohol May Prevent Thyroid CancerStudy finds a beneficial relationship, though the exact mechanism remains unclear"

PHEW!!!! Good enough for me ;)
Cheers all and good night!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dear Thyroid . . .

Don't even think for a second that you are going to get me - to bring me down. You won't win. I'm stronger and no matter what it is that you think you can throw at me - cancer, hashimotos, graves, anxiety, weight gain, anemia -

you can shove it.

In fact I already have plans to get rid of you, but first I have to find out exactly how bad you think you might be . . . either way you are out.

So kiss your ass goodbye.

I know (now) that you've been lurking around for years - nudging me with anxiety, miscarriage and weight ups and downs. Not until recently did you get the guts to show your face with not one, but five nodules.

(Funny T-shirt, sold on some Throid info sites.)

You have given me no other choice - surgery. And while that will be completely unpleasant - it's what I have to do and if you bring cancer, as you might, I will deal with that too - and I will win.

Thyroid, you’re a bully! And you have scared me . . . but only for a moment. The more I learn the more I am able to fight you - just like the countless thousands of others who also fight you every day.

(who ever thought I was well-balanced . . . certainly not now - lol - well maybe I'll be even better than before!)

I believe that you have come here for a reason . . . I am to learn something from this and I will be stronger because of you.  You will not bring me down.

We are at war you and I . . . and we meet again on May 4th . . . funny how you choose my Dad's birthday to let me know whether you are cancer or not. Touché!