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Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Wish to build a Dream on - For Lily-Mae

One early winters night a wish went out that was heard around the world.

A wish is a very powerful thing, especially when it's full of goodness and hope. This wish was exactly that and not one soul who heard it, could ignore it.

Who sent this wish you ask and why? Well, it was a little girl in Ireland whose name is Lily-Mae and her wish is to be healthy and happy.

Lily-Mae is a child, much like many others; She is bright, beautiful and full of life... but unlike other children, she must fight for her life every day. You see, Lily-Mae lives most of her life in a hospital where she is surrounded by her parents, doctors, nurses and sadly, other children who must also fight for life just like her.

Lily-Mae's days, just like yours, are full of tests, appointments and meetings. However they do not take place at school or work - they take place in the hospital.

Lily-Mae and her parents try to live life as normally as possible. They have love and they have hope. Most of all, just like you - they dream!

When Lily-Mae and her parents are fast asleep they dream of wondrous things and far off places.

Lily-Mae dreams of things that you and I might take for granted or have maybe never even thought of. In her dreams she runs, plays and goes on trips with her parents to places like the Zoo or to the Ballet. She dreams that she is healthy and has overcome disease and cancer.

At night Lily-Mae's dreams take flight and she is transformed into a beautiful fairy, dancing pirouettes across the sky!

Tonight when you lay down to sleep, think of Lily-Mae and her parents. Think of how lucky you are... and send out a loving and thoughtful wish that just might make Lily-Mae's dreams come true!!

A Wish for Lily-Mae

we hope and pray
for you to enjoy
each wonderful day!

Across the miles
we're sending you smiles.
Our love to you
in all that you do

Your Strength and courage;
your love and light.
It brings us hope
and sets dreams aflight

Believe, keep faith
and make a wish.
May every dream come true, 
for an angel like you.


Lily-Mae is battling for her life against Neuroblastoma … a rare and extremely aggressive childhood cancer of the nervous system and is currently in Our Lady’s Children's Hospital in Dublin following surgery to remove a tumour last week.

Lily-Mae’s only hope for survival is immunotherapy but that’s not available in Europe because it’s still on trial. It’s available in the US but it’s very expensive so a trust has been set up to help raise the money needed.
To find out more on how you can donate to help Lily-Mae and her parents please email Madeleine at Send whatever you can … a dollar, a euro, a pound … anything. Donations can be made through Paypal with the registered email address being or, if you don’t have a Paypal account, send Madeleine your email address and she will send you a Paypal invoice with instructions on how you can pay as a guest.Please visit - for more updates on Lily-Mae and how you may help!!


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