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Monday, 2 January 2012

My First Post! . . .

It's the day after New Years Day . . . a new year without my Dad. He died September 19 and I knew that the holidays would be difficult - and it was more difficult than I thought. My Dad was always (usually) at his prime during the holidays. He loved the festivities and family gatherings.
While it was hard, Christmas 2011, did have its good moments too.
With this new year, a new project - this Blog.
My Dad always encouraged my writing - he was a big fan. He would say that someday I could write down the history of the family and become a famous novelist. Who knows - for now I will use this to get back into my "creative" self and see where it takes me.
I have always loved writing - it's a great way to clear my head. Sometimes I find it easier to write something rather than to speak it. You can edit what you write, you can fuss over it then send it to print or save it for posterity. You can get your full meaning out by writing.
It is my hope in this new year that I allow writing to be more a part of my life. It has taken a back seat for a while.
If you'd like, follow along and hopefully enjoy!

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