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Monday, 2 January 2012


Nature’s Fairytale

***A Children’s Storybook/Picture book***


The world is changing.  It’s growing and flowing and people are moving to live in places they never have before.  People move so quickly that it seems they have no time to see the beauty that is nature.

Instead people today seem to want to tear down nature. They cut down trees and pave over meadows that used to be full of flowers. 

Forests are much smaller than they used to be.  A world of beauty and wonder is disappearing – but you can help me protect it! My name is Fae and I need your help to save the land where my family and I live.

Long ago the world was covered in green. There were no houses (at least, not any houses that look like the one you live in) no skyscrapers and no cars.

There were forests and jungles; Flowers, animals and sparkling waters as far as the eyes could see.  My family called this place Danu, and it was beautiful.

Danu still exists but sadly many people do not believe in it anymore.  People have forgotten what it means to care for nature.  They cannot see the beauty that is so close to them.  They cannot even see me anymore – they don’t even try.

When you are walking in the forest or playing in a stream you are in Danu.  The next time you go for a hike remember that if you are very quiet and kind to nature and to everything that lives in it – and if you believe – maybe, just maybe you will see me or one of my friends.

You will know that we are nearby when you see the bright coloured flowers and lush green plants and trees that bloom and grow in the spring and summer.

In the fall we are in the changing colours of the leaves.

In winter we take shelter in the hollows of trees and dance when the snow flutters and falls on the breeze.

You can help me save the land of Danu by caring for nature.  When you are at home you can recycle or grow a garden.  If you plant Roses or sunflowers I may come to visit. 

When you go for a walk in the forest, play at the park or go camping make sure you don’t leave any garbage behind.  It could hurt the animals or plants that call that place home.

The most important way to help would be to tell your friends and family to help protect and care for nature too.  Together you can recycle, create a garden at home or school and make sure that the forests, jungles, deserts, tundra and swamps of the world are safe for the future.

You can also speak or think this simple wish the next time you are outside. 

Friend of Fae I am, I may,

Save Danu for me and you.

Your words will carry in the air on the wings of butterflies and I will hear you and know you are a friend of nature, a friend of Danu – a friend of mine.

The more people who do these things will mean my home of Danu is healthy and strong.  I will continue to have a place to call home and you will forever have beautiful places to visit and care for.

Why just visit though, when after all, Danu is your home too.


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