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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Say What!?

. . . a few poems . . . enjoy.

The Storm
From you Eyes I see the sunlight,
flickering out across the sea.
Thunder rolls in the distance,
drowning out our hopes and dreams.
Lightening dances in the darkness,
echoing out beneath our screams.
Fire catches all around us,
leaving only memories.

The Nerve
Tongue in cheek
I bite down hard
How will I get through this -
It's too damn hard!

Roll up my sleeves
Dig in deep
Make positive changes
And don't hear bleep

Enough is enough
This novice knows some
Enough to know
That I am perfectly numb

I see the frustration
Managed by fear
Experience is knowing
Don't shed one tear

Caring is weakness
Organisation is for fools
"This is on you -
You dumb little tool"

So, you know what I think
I have from the start
You can take this and shove it
Straight from my heart

The Smile
It might not be real
That smile that you wear.
But it means everything
To whom you do share.

It lights up the room
It lights up a life
It brings hope and happiness
It knows not your strife

So keep on smiling my dear friend
For everyday is brighter, with you on the mend

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