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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dear Thyroid . . .

Don't even think for a second that you are going to get me - to bring me down. You won't win. I'm stronger and no matter what it is that you think you can throw at me - cancer, hashimotos, graves, anxiety, weight gain, anemia -

you can shove it.

In fact I already have plans to get rid of you, but first I have to find out exactly how bad you think you might be . . . either way you are out.

So kiss your ass goodbye.

I know (now) that you've been lurking around for years - nudging me with anxiety, miscarriage and weight ups and downs. Not until recently did you get the guts to show your face with not one, but five nodules.

(Funny T-shirt, sold on some Throid info sites.)

You have given me no other choice - surgery. And while that will be completely unpleasant - it's what I have to do and if you bring cancer, as you might, I will deal with that too - and I will win.

Thyroid, you’re a bully! And you have scared me . . . but only for a moment. The more I learn the more I am able to fight you - just like the countless thousands of others who also fight you every day.

(who ever thought I was well-balanced . . . certainly not now - lol - well maybe I'll be even better than before!)

I believe that you have come here for a reason . . . I am to learn something from this and I will be stronger because of you.  You will not bring me down.

We are at war you and I . . . and we meet again on May 4th . . . funny how you choose my Dad's birthday to let me know whether you are cancer or not. Touché!


  1. that's the Tara I know and love. You kick it's ass. Love you hun. Stasia

  2. Hi Tara,

    Have you visited Check it out. Patients write love and hate letters to their thyroid. That T-shirt is a Dear Thyroid T-shirt. We have tons. Anyway - lots of support, so I hope you'll check us out.