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Friday, 6 September 2013

Starting a business is terrifying.

Tarafied. Pun intended.

So ya. I have myself all wound up in a state and I want my Mommy. Well. I can't have her and I can't really stand whining from anyone - let alone myself.  Nor can I stand being negative or having self-doubt - what good is any of that crap. I'll tell ya how good it is - it's no good at all. Pointless.
Negativity feeds more negativity.

I don't need my Mom here to tell me to suck it up... which is exactly what she would say. She would tell me to get my shit together... literally, that's what she would say - "It's all on you now kid. Mess it up and I'm not there to save you."

I know what I need to do but it's difficult. I don't want to mess it up and that in itself is a paralyzing factor.

I need to hold my head up, be smart, be aware and - carry on.

But it's terrifying!!!

Starting a business is terrifying. There's no safety net and to top it off I can't fail. That should make me feel better... I can't fail... but I'm just telling myself that. What if I do? TERRIFYING!!!

So I'm in a state I am, I am.

It's crunch time. My ability to succeed or fail is in my hands.
I have many supporters - some really great ones - I should be happy! But no = TERRIFIED.

Maybe that's a good thing.

A little terror in your life every now and then might be good... :S It's definitely motivating... and disabilitating... omg = TERRIFIED = TARAFIED (fyi, that's me!!)

In the end though. I know I will be fine and that's the bottom line. I will make it - come hell or highwater.

And supporting me all the way... Wine. Oops, I mean my supportive man... ya that's what I meant. :S

I love you wine... I mean honey :) xo

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