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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

HELP WANTED - Apply Within ;)

Pickwick Publishing V. 1.0 (Beta) 
WANTED: Writers and illustrators.

Facebook link: 

We will be selecting 6 artists and 6 illustrators.
**Please read this message before choosing to send a private message requesting further details about how you may submit your work***

Authors – we want your stories!!!
Remember we are looking for children's stories – don’t worry if you do not have illustrations to go with the story - & Women's lit (or Chicklit ;) ). We will consider some YA stories.
Those selected:
  • Will have their work published as an eBook and setup so it may be purchased via our eCommerce shop for 1 year (some rules will apply & this will be discussed during our initial consultation.) *** this will include the assignment of an ISBN to your work
  • Will have their work proofed ***we ask that you please try and edit your work as best you can prior to submission. We reserve the right to return work that has not been adequately edited prior to submission
  • Will have a profile page set-up just for you
  • Will gain assistance in marketing your work via the Pickwick website and Facebook (other forms of social media will be added to the roster in time)
  • Will be provided consultation, inspiration and follow-up to help you further improve your work and get your name out there!
***At this time only those selected will be contacted
This is a $600.00 value!!!

Artists - it's the same for you
6 illustrators will be selected and aided in the set-up of an online portfolio for 1 year.
We hope that your portfolio will help you:
  • Promote yourself and your work via an online gallery of your illustrations
  • Make new contacts with Authors (or other publishers) so you may collaborate on future work
  • Assist you with the sale of your artwork
***Only those selected will be contacted

You will be helping Pickwick set up shop and work out the bugs so to speak :)

We look forward to hearing from you!
***Please send a private message to request further details on how to submit.

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 Pickwick Publishing

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