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Monday, 17 September 2012

Wish for Danu

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Sometimes one simple wish can be all that is needed to put into action a change that will be good for everyone.

One person, or one fairy, can make a difference and on this night, one little fairy was hoping to do just that.
Fluttering through the sky at twilight Fae looked as though she were dancing among the stars. Fae is a fairy from Danu - Danu is a beautiful, natural place that exists right here on earth, but sadly it is a place that seems to grow smaller and smaller everyday.
While fluttering through the sky, swishing past the leaves of trees and sweeping soft clouds from her cheeks, Fae tried hard to concentrate on the stars in the sky. She was trying to find the perfect one to wish on.
A wishing star is sometimes hard to find, especially in these times when there is so much pollution from cars and factories. Fae had to strain her eyes in search of one that twinkled, or better yet, one that went shooting across the sky. Shooting stars were considered the best to wish on because it seemed that every time you wished on one of those, your wish was certain to come true.
Finally as the sky was becoming darker and darker Fae saw her perfect shooting star. She rested down on a nearby rose and stared at it for a moment. She closed her eyes and said;
“Oh little shooting star
On this night I wish to you;
Please send a dream near and far,
To every child and grown-ups too!

Let them dream of Danu.
So full of beauty and of life,
A place where love is renewed;
Where there is no worry of ruin or strife

And when they wake
Let them remember to be true.
Let them save this land for their sake,
And for mine too.

This little shooting star,
Is my wish – my wish to you.”
Fae opened her eyes and to her surprise the star was still shooting through the sky.Surely, she thought, it should have gone from sight by now?! But it hadn’t and instead it seemed to stop moving altogether. The star began to shine brighter and brighter until it was so bright that Fae had to close her eyes. Even with her eyes closed she could still sense the brightness of the star growing ever more. Just when she thought she could take no more, she heard a popping noise and the bright light faded. Then something fell at her feet. When she opened her eyes she saw the most beautiful blue crystal and as she went to pick it up a hand appeared and took hold of hers. Fae stopped in surprise.
“Hello Fae” said a strange voice. “I’m Zack and I have a message to share with you.”
Fae sat back in her flower seat – Zack was a fairy that she had never seen before. He was tall for a fairy and he was dark, with a silvery blue colour to his skin, hair and eyes.
“My message” he said, “is one of hope. I heard your wish and I am your star. That crystal is a part of me and I give it to you so that you may wish upon it whenever you like. As long as your wishes are true and pure they will always come true.” Zack’s eyes sparkled like the night sky and Fae thought for a moment that he was kind of cute for a star.
“Thank you Zack, I will be sure to only use my best wishes for this wonderful gift you have given me!” As Fae said this she held out her hand and let the crystal shine. Using magic Zack made the crystal into a necklace and fastened it around her neck. Fae held it between her fingers and again said “Thank you.”
“I must be leaving now.” Said Zack, “but I will return to visit you Fae. Please know that you are not the only one who wishes to see Danu strong and healthy again.” He smiled and then in a flash he was gone, shooting across the sky once more.
The next morning when Fae woke-up she wondered if the night before had all been a dream. It was then that she remembered her new necklace and she smiled as she held it in her tiny hand.
Yawning and stretching, Fae peeked out the window of her humble fairy home high atop an evergreen tree. On this bright and sunny morning Fae noticed that she didn’t see quite so much smog as she normally did. She couldn’t hear the rumblings of the nearby city and when she looked down she saw people! She could see children, their parents and grandparents. They were enjoying the nature that was all around them.Fae could hear these families talking about the future and how they would be more kind to nature – they would recycle, drive their cars less and the children even said that they would watch less TV and go play outside more.
Fae even heard a young girl named Maya as she wished with all her might, “Friend of Fae I am I may. Save Danu for me and you!”
Fae’s heart filled with joy as she and her other fairy friends gathered together at the top of their evergreen tree. They smiled as they felt stronger. They could see all the colours of the earth growing brighter all around them.
Fae held tight to her necklace because it was then that she knew that her wish had come true! She also knew that she had many more heartfelt and pure wishes to make so that Danu would be safe forever - for everyone!

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