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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Woman Who Writes

The woman who writes
has a depth of soul
like an abyss...
Dark and frightful at first glimpse
Many turn away
unwilling to stay
Afraid to thumb the pages of her book
It's written in her blood
In her tears and fears
and in her laughter and love
Its sanguine ink soaks through every page
and its subject matter is sage
Beginning in well-worn memories
that last on forever
far beyond her earth bound years

Learn to love her
this woman who writes
She is worth the effort
Within her lies a labyrinth of scars
encompassed by a wisdom and a love so large
it could only be rivalled by the magnitude and complexity of a universe full of stars
She is there for you to explore
To have, to hold, to love
Just be patient and be kind

And of course
dare to step inside

~T. Shannon~

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