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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Solstice Night

(c) W.A. Patterson
On this winter solstice night
Light a candle
Let it burn bright

Step outside...
Into the crisp winter air
Feel the freshly fallen snow crunch beneath your feet
Watch the snowflakes flit and flutter
Dancing down from their place among the stars
Laugh at those that fall upon your nose

Look home
The hearth glows
Flickering softly through the windows
Casting shadows
Silhouettes of the love that lives within

Take it in
Close your eyes
Think of all that’s come to pass

Be thankful

Without the dark
There would be no light

Know that you will again be warmed by the fireside
Friends and family near

Your candle
Still there
Burning bright
All through this long winters night
And into the light of the dawning New Year

By: T. Shannon

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