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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fluttering, Floating, Fleeting Flies

By: Tara Shannon
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As I sit here I start thinking – thinking, thinking, without blinking

Can Dragon’s fly?
I think they can
Though I hear they flew off to Neverland.

Butter’s fly-
This I know
They flutter sweetly to and fro.

Butters practice pure persistence
Shimmering in and out of existence
Transforming, shaping and flying high
Then, so softly, landing by

Dragons too, fly about, wings humming in and out
Not as dainty as the Butter,
Who so sweetly flits and flutters
Dragons’ zipper all around - Is it lost or is it found?

What of Dragons and of Butters? Do they dazzle one another?
In this life they may well do and in the next they must do too
They join together in their chorus
Wafting gently through the forest
Singing softly, by the by, a sweet silken lullaby

Here on earth, within my mind they dazzle me every time.
My eyes are open. my book is read
But of them, what can be said?
Can they see me – are they blind?
Are they weary of mankind?

Imagination sparked by fire, igniting passion and desire
I’m captivated; mesmerized
And if I were to surmise, I do believe they’re in disguise
Those fluttering, floating, fleeting flies

These two creatures do bemuse
A quiet question to amuse –
What if fairy tales were true?

I believe.

Do you?

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