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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pickwick Publishing

Website to launch this fall!!!
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About Pickwick Publishing

Our Mission:

To inspire a love of reading in children; to create a safe internet “enook” where parents will feel comfortable allowing their children to visit and read quality reviewed stories; to provide a source of quality women’s literature; and lastly, though very importantly, to inspire the ongoing creativity of emerging writers and illustrators by providing them a place to showcase their talents, collaborate on projects, gain constructive feedback and to be published.


Pickwick has been developed because there is an abundance of talented local Canadian writers, of both Children’s and Women’s literature, who go unpublished. 

Traditional publishing houses are swamped by aspiring authors hoping to have their storybook or novel published. Unfortunately many of these works go unnoticed – Why? Because there are just too many and most publishing house’s don’t have the staff to keep up with the demand. The result - many excellent stories go untold… and that is unfair to the writer, the illustrator and to the reader.

How Pickwick will work:

Pickwick Publishing will strive to create a safe and quiet place on the internet where children and their parents can login to discover wonderful new stories. Children and their parents will be able to interact with writers and suggest story ideas and/or to review stories with the intent of making them better.

***All stories and illustrations uploaded to Pickwick will be reviewed prior to being made public on the site to ensure safety.

Emerging writers, the emphasis on home grown Canadian talent, will have a place to publish their work in an e-book format. Hard copy printing/publication and editing services will be an option provided through consultation and external sources.

Writers and illustrators will be able to collaborate and gain feedback from their peers, children and their parents. Together all parties will work to create and publish quality children’s stories and literature.

At the same time that children are enjoying stories created just for them by dedicated writers and illustrators (maybe they are tucked in for a nap or for the night), Mom can log in and access e-books created with her in mind in Pickwicks’ Women’s Literature section.

Whatever your needs as a reader, writer or illustrator of Children’s stories or Women’s Literature, Pickwick Publishing will be there to help make your wishes come true.

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