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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Well! What do you know...

Seems that the exercise I set myself up for in retelling Jane Eyre chapter by chapter really inspired me! After writing out that last post (pre-soup) the whole outline for my own novel fell into place and splattered all over the place - I literally wrote for hours and in a relatively short amount of time had notes all over the place and an outline. When my spree was over I had 33 small paragraphs representing my novel (including character names and some development). Crazy.

Looking into the story that I wanted to tell, at least the idea that I had, I was able to see similarities/links to my all time favourite - Jane Eyre. So, why not use that novel as my inspiration. Why fight it if it's there. I mean so many authors do that. Stories are told and retold time and time again, especially those written by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. Would I have thought to place zombies in the world of  Pride and Prejudice, I doubt it - but hey, to each their own.

Now, seeing that I have my own novel to write, I don't think I should post it chapter by chapter with you here in this format. I will post my "work-in-progress" first chapter and little snippets of things here and there like character information or the outline/synopsis. However I need to hone the characters and outline a little bit more before I share.

What's the title - well for the moment I have it as: In the Hollow of his Hands (c) and my inspiration: a farm that looks something like the one pictured above... and if possible I would love to know the source for the above - I would like to contact them. I can't quite make out the watermark in the bottom and searching has has lead me in nothing but circles.

Well, I'm off for now - off to type up the first chapter so I can share it with you soon. ;)




  1. Hi Tara,

    Pls e-mail when you have a moment ... it's about wine :)


  2. Sounds fantastic, but you know I want to read before it goes to print. I agree, why fight it. Go with the flow.