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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

There are some days . . .

when I just think - good god, what am I doing and how can I stop doing what it is that I don't like. Well, unfortunately you can't just flip a switch and presto your life is changed and becomes as you want it - you have to carry on, do what needs to be done. All the while never, ever stop wishing and dreaming. Without dreams or aspirations, what's the point? I mean really if you have nothing to drive you forward or to look forward to you may as well just curl up in a ball and end it all.
I'm a glass is half full kind of a person (usually that glass is half-full of some sort of cabernet) and you can almost count on the fact that I can find a positive side to most anything . . . though there are times when I can be equally as cynical. My steadfast belief is that cynicism is just unfortunately something that you learn over time. Cynicism just worms its way in - but it's up to you to figure out how you are going to let it affect you. I for one have to curb my cynicism with humour and sarcasm. . . life is all the more enjoyable with a little bit of humour and sarcasm thrown in for spice.

Now that I look at it all in writing here, I'm forced to think - maybe it's not even cynicism at all. It's experience. Experience has shown me that some things in life . . . are just crap. You just have to put up with some crap in life - deal with it, sort it, work in it - to get to the good stuff. Into everyone’s life a little crap must fall . . . and sometimes it's just a little and other times it's a whole lot! Either way, it's not forever, because just as sure as the sun shines - change will also surely come. Nothing ever stays the same and sooner or later life will change and the clean-up crew will come along and sweep the poop deck clear.

So on this day, as I sit and wonder about how to make my way through this latest pile of $h!t thrown at my feet I think - it's not so bad because I have confidence and I'm doing the best that I can. Things will work out. Eventually something will come along and things will change - and even if they don't change for the better no problem, because eventually that will change too. "This too shall pass." Ultimately I'm in charge - I'm the starring role in my own life story. It's my choice ultimately to carry on whatever path I'm presently on. And, I think that's what a lot of people forget - if you’re not happy, it's in you to change things . . . it's not someone else's job to do that for you.

"When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone" - I don't know who originally said that, however I do know my Grandmother used to say now and then. It stuck with me. As does the saying below . . . and I wish to you all the following!!:
I was inspired today - and from of all things watching an episode of Rachel Ray. I think in fact I saw a version of what I would love to be - Rachel Allen. An Irish cook who travels the Irish countryside cooking fresh food, having a great old time. Now the food thing is great, and I love to cook - but in all honesty I would have to throw in some wine, whiskey and beer tastings, pairings - you know what I mean. That would be more me ;)

So to honour today’s inspiration (and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day coming up!!) - and as a treat to those of you who actually read to the bottom of this post . . . here is my secret/not so secret recipe for making Irish Bliss Cake.

It's so simple - take one box of vanilla cake mix and follow it's directions but instead of adding all the milk required add 1 cup of Baileys (to that add whatever amount is still needed of Milk) and use olive oil instead of vegetable oil . . . to that add a cup of vanilla pudding and a cup of yogurt.
Mix it all together and bake for whatever time the box tells you to . . . but bake at 325 degrees F.

****Always, always - cook your cakes at that temperature. Just sayin' - they always turn out much better at that temp,

Cheers!! Aka - Slainte :)

Maybe there is a cookbook in my future . . . ``How North American Women get Fat.``

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